Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Why Are Things Changing So Quickly In Our Lives Today?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Why is the world so different than it was just a few years ago?

Who are you?

In offering you my writings,

my hope is that you also remember

and that your memories empower you,

giving you the key!

Many across the universe have realized what we on Earth have been doing for nearly twelve thousand years and are watching us, excited at the opportunity to take part in our new consciousness. That is why so many visit us from distant civilizations throughout the galaxies in order to observe us. They sense the blossoming taking place here on the Earth. Discerning what is about to happen, they don't want to be left out of the fulfillment of the veiled prophecy that inspired us to take the plunge and live in voluntary forgetfulness, even forgetting that we have agreed to forget. We held a grand intention: to find the root causes of choices made in a state of blindness and amnesia, even by those who number themselves among the most conscious.

My hope is that these excerpts from Biography of the Universe: The First Pulse of Time to the Present will encourage you to waken your own memories and to remember your part in this wondrous creation as we once again learn to live in Now time.

I have written it from the point of reference I had throughout the initial arising of consciousness to the creation of the Central Sun and beyond, to the descent into density, the formation of the Earth, and the development of dense life forms.

Peering through the dense veils covering the planet for the last twelve thousand years, many observers of the Earth human's path of consciousness have come to certain conclusions. They have noted that our Plan has been to experience life first as lowly creatures worshipping those we considered higher beings, then to discover the indwelling of the divine within our own beings, and now, finally, to see ourselves as creators of our own experience.

Clearly, some of us have reached this third level, and are able to hear the message of these writings and my book:

On the other side of the veil, as it is sometimes called, there is no space, no time as we know it, and our consciousness is that of Oneness.

You and I are united there in the Oneness, as the consciousness of the One True God.

We had no beginning.

Twelve thousand years ago, we volunteered to experience every extreme of polarity possible with the goal of integrating our emotional, elemental, and mental bodies. The empathy that we have developed as a result of this test is giving us the ability to feel compassion and love within our beings, no matter what situations we encounter.

In order to accomplish this forgetting, the veils we've had to develop for our lives on Earth have had to be especially thick. Though those veils of forgetfulness have draped our memories, enough minute, transient, fleeting feelings and nudges have found their way through the veils to prompt us to seek for answers.

Consequently, as you look around this world, you will discover that there are far more humans seeing things on interdimensional levels than there were even a decade or so ago. Consciousness is rising exponentially, so much so that it will soon be undeniable, even to the staunchest naysayer.

It's been an incredible journey. Ever since we first awakened in the Void, we have been afraid. Even when we have expressed our fear as rage toward the beings and events that failed to please us, our behavior was dictated by fear. Even when we have been able to convince ourselves to be positive and to avoid negativity, we were still acting out victim/perpetrator consciousness.

Our perception all along has been that something was capable of messing up our creation, and we have been continually afraid that something bigger had the power to disrupt whatever we were trying to experience. So we remained victimized.

When we destroyed planets and civilizations over the eons, it was because they were not like us, and we were afraid that they would somehow change us or affect us in some undesirable way. Our consciousness was capable of accepting the idea that it was okay to wipe out an entire civilization of evolving beings and then start over again, just because we did not like the way they were developing and were afraid they might contaminate us.

As you will see, when Lemuria was destroyed, the entire biomechanical balance that we had created on Earth was thrown out of equilibrium. Though its collapse was inevitable, Lemuria's total destruction was an accident. We had just wanted to punish Lemuria, but our attack had more repercussions than we had anticipated.

When we were tricked into destroying Atlantis, which nearly wiped out the unique human form we had designed based on the Earth's primates, Pan was ready to intervene. When we finally, and inadvertently, flooded the whole planet and sank Atlantis, Pan did step in.

It was then that Pan and Nammu called the members of his secret council into session and revealed to us a plan capable of healing the deeply imbedded imbalances then present within universal consciousness.

To be continued...

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Author: David Williamson


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