Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Your Gratefulness May Help Those Who Helped You When They Need It Most!
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Have you had experiences that shaped your life? Who were the most influential people in your life that you admired? How many authors do you admire for inspiring you and teaching you things that have helped you to form your ideas into the world-view that you have at this time in your life?

When you have been inspired and influenced in ways that have improved your life, gratitude is the natural reaction to have and letting others know how they have helped you and shaped your character can inspire them in return - sometimes at just the right time when they need your blessing.

This is for the people in my life, who helped to make me who I am.

First, there is my wife Myra, who always believed in me.

Then, I would like to thank my parents for letting me be free to explore consciousness as a child. Because I was able to play freely, enjoying the beauty of nature, frolicking in the creeks and woods, I enjoyed many spiritual experiences. I grew up knowing-actually experiencing-that I was more than just my body. I not only talked to Spirit, I clearly heard back from Spirit, receiving information that guided my life, information that did not come from anything I ever read. Fleeting, curious "memories" filled me with many questions.

At the end of the 1980s, one of my favorite authors helped me by confirming many of my "memories." Ceanne DeRohan wrote a series of books that brought these memories to life and triggered the many recollections that finally enabled me to understand the strange, fleeting experiences I had as a child.

In 2002, a crucial time for me, I discovered the works of Lee Carroll and his channeling of the Magnetic Master Kryon, which was invaluable in helping me to understand what it was that had so occupied me for most of the previous decade.

In June, 2005, I met the group of highly conscious friends and supporters who have meant so much to me and to Myra, my wife. At that time, I began to seriously focus on and complete Biography of the Universe, which I had been slowly piecing together over the years. As I was writing, I came across other books that I had never seen before, though they had been in print for some time. These authors also offered me insights that further explained my "memories." Because their books not only encouraged me, but also helped me to arrange some of my recollections in their correct chronological order, my warmest thanks go to Virginia Essene, Sheldon Nidle, Lyssa Royal, Keith Priest, Barbara Marciniak, Zecharia Sitchin, and Barbara Hand Clow.

Each of these powerful authors contributed pieces of the puzzle by deciphering ancient texts and through their communications with the many and diverse interdimensional beings who have been attempting to awaken us. Many of these advanced beings have not realized what we've been doing in our great clandestine experiment with duality on the Earth and have made some of the same judgments they were making twelve thousand years ago. We still love them and appreciate their intentions.

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Author: David Williamson


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