Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Who Are You? Why Are You On The Planet At This Time?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Do you have memories of being here before? Are you ready to live your full potentials?

I wish to share with you how I came to find the answers to these questions for my own life.

These are the chronicles of the continuity of my being, the timeline of my life.

I was born into this incarnation with a great number of imbalances to correct, and I became entangled in Earth's limiting duality. But I also experienced "memories" of mysterious origin that were absolutely real to me.

As my memory was gradually being restored, I began to recall a multitude of experiences from the lost and forgotten incarnations I've experienced over past eons. These memories have been profoundly life altering for me. I was eleven before I realized that I had never actually visited the places I "knew" or met the beings I remembered, and I was seriously shaken at this realization. I didn't know what to think about it, especially since I had also learned early on that no one understood what I was talking about.

I was alone in my world.

But in spite of these challenges, and because I've followed my inner guidance and consequently have always been taken care of by Spirit, my life has been magical and intense. Considered a healer and a channel since my teens, I've studied as many modalities as possible throughout my life. I had some phenomenal experiences in the 1980s and have participated in efforts to raise the level of human consciousness above current limits. We collectively succeeded in raising those limits in 1987, with the Harmonic Convergence.

Soon after that, I met my mate, my wife Myra, who lovingly watched over my elemental self when it came time for me to participate in helping to adjust the magnetic grid of the Earth. My elemental self is the part of my being that is constructed from the elements of the planet, my physical body. In order to keep the earthly part of me busy during that time, I placed my physical being in a rigorous, goal-oriented job, while my consciousness spent nearly a decade free of my body, helping the Magnetic Masters adjust the grid to the vibratory frequency necessary for a quantum leap in planetary consciousness.

In 2002, when the need for major adjustments to the Earth's magnetic grid was lessening, I began to reawaken and return to my body.

My recollection of our fascinating past has revealed to me the answers to some of the questions so many of us have asked for so long. The explanations I've received for some of our most curious, sometimes uncontrollable, feelings and behaviors have filled me with awe and wonder. How events have played themselves out! Though I had shared some of my memories with my wife over the years, I began sharing many more of them with her. As more memories began flooding into my consciousness, I invariably related our experiences to what I remembered. With her encouragement, I slowly pieced together a journal of these memories over the years as she continually inspired me to spend more time on it. I had long thought I would write this book "some day," but that day kept hovering out in the future, until June 2005, when we found a group of highly conscious friends who supported me in focusing seriously enough to develop a timeline of my experiences and to complete Biography of the Universe.

It works out, of course, to have been perfectly timed, since consciousness is opening up everywhere during this ascension process, and we are now ready to understand and accept our interdimensional and intergalactic roots. I feel this story is so marvelous and empowering that I want the entire planet to experience it as well so that we may all regain our own memories and come to know who we are. When you remember, really remember, these things, the frequency at which your consciousness vibrates will suddenly rise again. But this time it will rise even higher than the consciousness we had in Lemuria and Atlantis.

Our grand experiment is ending, and we have all fulfilled our objective. A balanced consciousness is at hand.

If I may quote my father, Pan: "Awaken and begin to spread the seeds of this knowledge to the planet. As the memories of others are restored by your present endeavors, a new paradigm is ensuing, and the remembrance of who you really are will be restored."

In subsequent submissions I humbly, then, offer these memories of my-our-eternal life.

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Author: David Williamson


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Who Are You? Why Are You On The Planet At This Time? Do you have memories of being here before? Are you ready to live your full potentials? I wish to share with you how I came to find the answers to these questions for my own life.

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